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Yes, but you just need to pay a little extra money to cover international shipping costs (The prices are as follows: SPECTRA Silver $100, SPECTRA Pro or Advanced $80, SPECTRA Mini $60, for most countries).
SPECTRA Silver: 11" SPECTRA Pro & Advanced: 11.1" SPECTRA Mini: 9.5"
In WALNUTT eBoard Go, you can switch 3 different speed mode, basically, only the Top Speed is different. Beginner: ~ 6 mph Sport: ~ 11 mph Pro:~ 22 mph *
All SPECTRA models are weather/water resistant, but do not fully submerge any board.
Because all SPECTRA models use in-hub motor systems, you can easily ride them just like a regular skateboard when the battery runs out, without feeling any resistance from hub motors. If you ride long enough, the Regenerative Braking technology will recharge your SPECTRA.
SPECTRA's battery is within 100wh, which is the international limitation of battery products in airplane and it should be a carry-on. It also depends on the policy of local airports. Normally, domestic flights allow bringing such an electric product with motors while some of international flights do not. Please check with the airport and airline before you fly with SPECTRA.
We would really recommend wearing a helmet, even if your state or country laws does not require it. Like we always insist, safety comes first!
If you are talking about SPECTRA eBoard, we have to say sorry for no other colors yet. However, we will have different colors for the WALNUTT Backpack.
Sorry, we do not accept installments at the current stage in production.
You can always contact us in WALNUTT eBoard Go App, our Facebook page, our Instagram page, our website or shoot us an email: [email protected]
Don't worry! We get you here! We have 14-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases. Orders are fully refundable at any time prior to shipping. If you’re not happy with the product within 14 days, simply return it back to us for a full refund. * Items returned for refund must be returned within 14 days from delivery. Under no circumstances will we issue refunds after 14 days of delivery.

*Customers are responsible for shipping costs for all return claims and are subject to restocking fee of 20% if the board has been ridden or are not in store bought condition with packaging in new, sellable form.